Introduced June 2017 Colorado State Convention


 Annual Award for Court:    Certificate for Court $50 Check for Court


Award Given at:                 Bi-annual State Workshops

                                      Bi-annual State Conventions


Award Criteria:                   One entry per court, per year.

                                      One court winner per year – no ties.

  Must be a court pro-life activity for moms, babies or the unborn, not an activity of an individual court member


  Time Period for Activity:       April 1 through March 31.  Entries must be received by April 5.


Entries:                Court’s entry is to be sent to the Chair for this project (First Vice State Regent).                                                                                                                                                   

                        Entries must be received by Chairman by April 5 each year.

   Court entries are to explain the pro-life activity/activities (for mom, babies, unborn) the court has been involved in for this one year.

            With each entry, there must be a completed Entry Sheet (attached).

             The entry should be a write-up of the various pro-life activities the court has  been involved in for this 12-month period.  Again, these are court activities,  not activities of individual                                                                                members.

               Pictures may be included with your entries.  Digital pictures are required by Share Magazine.  If your entry is forwarded via e-mail, pictures may be included  in e-mail.


  Judging:                                   The First Vice State Regent will forward all entries in one package to the judge.   Court entries will be judged by a non-Catholic Daughter. 

                                                Currently, the judge  will be a deacon in the Diocese of Colorado Springs.


   Publicity:                 The State Chair will recap the various pro-life activities covered in the entries.  Her recap will then be sent to the State Publicity Chair for her review and for submitting to Share and diocesan newspapers.  If there is a local newspaper that has cooperated with you by printing CDA information, it is your court’s  responsibility to supply this information to the State Publicity Chair if you want   them to receive the write-up for publication.

Good Luck