The Structure of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas

from the Catholic Daughter of the Americans Website;



"The Five National Officers along with the Nine National Directors form the National Board. The National Board Meets Semi-annually at such time and place as determined by the National Regent."

"The National Office Manager is an employee who manages and directs all functions and activities of the National Office and Nine Staff members. The National Office Manager also attends the meetings of the National Board and National Court."


"The National Court is composed of 5 National Officers, 9 National Directors, Past National Regents, 5 Officers of each State Court and Local Court Regents and delegates from the Local Courts. The National Court is the governing body of THE ORDER acting in biennial convention assembled. It has authority to make, alter and repeal all laws, rules and regulations for the government, management, discipline and control of THE ORDER or of any Court or organizational subdivision."

"Five or more Local Courts in good standing with a total membership of not less than 200 members, may organize a State Court with the approval of the National Board. State Courts shall be composed of a National Regent or her representative, 5 State Officers, Past State Regents, and Local Court Regents and delegates from Local Courts. State Courts elect 5 Officers at their Biennial State Convention. Only one State Officer can be elected from a Local Court. Exception: In states with twelve (12) Courts or less (2) officers may be elected from one (1) Court."

"Each State Court shall have a State Board consisting of the National Regent and 5 State Officers. The State Board shall meet quarterly or as often as necessary in order to discuss the program of THE ORDER in the State. State Courts shall convene biennially between March 1 and May 31, in the alternating years to the Biennial National Convention."

"Will conduct the religious exercises and give advice on matters doctrinal or ecclesiastical. The State Chaplain will serve at the request of the State Regent."